What to Do with Old Electronics

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An old tape recorder before it is stored in a storage unitElectronics can be worth a lot of money. If you have old electronics around your house that you no longer use, you may be looking for options for getting rid of them. In this post, you will find four methods for responsibly getting old electronics out of your house!

Electronics Disposal Solutions

There are many different solutions for getting rid of your old electronics, but there are more favorable options than just throwing them out. Disposing of old electronics in the trash is not only an incredible waste, but it also can be very harmful to the environment. Instead, recycle, donate, sell or store your electronics.

1. Recycle Electronics

If your electronics are not in working condition, consider recycling them. Not only can the precious metals be extracted from the electronics to create something new, but the pieces can be melted down and used again. Recycling your electronics is a smart way to keep harmful contaminants out of the environment.

Electronics Disposal Near Me

If you’re looking for a location to donate your old electronics, contact your local electronics retailer. Electronics retailers will often offer electronics recycling options to reduce their carbon footprint. Another option for disposing of electronics is contacting your local community. Local community organizations will often host electronics drives throughout the year.

2. Donate Your Electronics

Any working electronics can be donated to a variety of worthy causes. Televisions, phones, gaming systems, laptops, and tablets are commonly sought after to entertain soldiers and kids in hospitals.

3. Sell Your Electronics

Rare or barely used electronics can be worth a pretty penny. There are many options for selling your electronics, both online and in-store. If you’re looking to sell your electronics, check your local electronics or online retailer.

4. Store Your Electronics

If your electronics may be valuable later on, either monetarily or sentimentally, consider holding onto them for a while. Maybe your dad’s old television was passed on to you and you’re just not ready to part with it quite yet. Or, perhaps you have a very rare gaming system that will be worth even more in just a few years. Whatever the reason, using a storage unit to store old electronics is a smart solution to get them out of the house, but still in a secure location.

Electronics Storage Tips

  1. Check the Owner’s Manual: Before placing the electronic into storage, check the owner’s manual for any storage tips. Different electronics will require different levels of care while in storage. Following the tips specified by the manufacturer will ensure the electronics stay in the best condition possible.
  2. Document the Wiring: Before disconnecting your electronics, take a picture of the wiring. This will save yourself some time when hooking back up your electronics after storage.
  3. Keep Items in Original Boxes: The original boxes your electronics came in will best protect your electronics during storage. When storing electronics long-term, always use the box from the manufacturer.
  4. Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: Any fluctuations in temperature during storage can damage your electronics. Electronics that are stored in a location that isn’t climate controlled can result in rust, mold, cracking or warped screen. Unfortunately, due to the fluctuations in temperature, a garage or basement are not ideal locations for storing electronics. If you do not have a location in your house that will maintain a steady range of temperature, consider a climate-controlled storage unit rental.

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