Tips for Moving a Couch into Storage

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A young couple moves a couch into a storage unitCouches, sofas, settees, sectionals—whatever you laze around on—can be difficult to move from place to place. These pieces of furniture are large, awkward to lift and oftentimes very obtusely shaped. A couch is the kind of item that you’ll want to keep in the best condition possible, whether you’re moving it into your new home or a storage unit. Learn how to correctly move and store your couch here.

How to Move a Couch

  • Clean It! The couch in your in-home comfy catch-all for dirt, dust, pet hair, Cheerios, and who knows what else! Before moving your couch to its new home, give it some love with a thorough cleaning. Start by vacuuming the furniture off to remove any loose debris. Once the couch has been vacuumed, use a steam vacuum to remove any stains. If you don’t have a steam vacuum, a mixture of mild detergent and water will work. Spot clean as needed, ensuring it is dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Cover It! Covering your couch prior to its move or storage will help to protect it from additional stains and damage. If you are moving the couch into your new home, shrink wrap can be used to cover it. If you are moving your couch into a storage unit, use a blanket to cover it. Let us repeat: moving = shrink wrap, storing = blanket time! Plastic does not allow your couch to breathe—and nobody needs a suffocated couch, but more importantly, you’ll run the risk of forming mold and mildew.
  • Plan for It! This step is especially important if you are moving a large couch! Coming up the stairs, through the narrow hallway, around that corner you always smack your elbow on and out the sliding door around the corner to the driveway…this will take time and finesse! If the sofa is on a higher level of your house, this can be even more difficult. Narrow doorways and staircases are not uncommon in older houses and almost any apartment. Measure the furniture to plan the best route for getting it outside.
  • Move It! The fabric on your couch can be very delicate—leathers, suedes, and antique brocades can withstand the dog’s toenails and your Sunday football games, but catch the fabric on any metal piece of a door frame or another piece of furniture, it’s toast! Even with the sofa securely wrapped and covered, it is still very possible to damage the fabric. When moving a couch, don’t move it alone and invest in a set of lifting and moving straps, available at your local hardware store and the almighty Amazon.

How to Store a Couch

  • Avoid Stacking Items During Storage: While it may be tempting to stack items on top of a couch during storage, doing so can damage the structure of the couch—and let’s face it, your mother-in-law has done enough damage already.
  • Use Climate Controlled Storage: When storing your couch, take care of your investment and select a climate-controlled storage unit. Fluctuations in temperature from extreme heat to cold can damage both the fabric integrity (especially with leather) and warp the frame of the sofa.

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