How to Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture

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A woman applies a protective wax to a chair before storageAs the weather gets colder, it’s important to start thinking about storing outdoor items enjoyed during the summer. In particular, it’s time to store your patio and outdoor furniture for the winter season. While this can be a sad time for homeowners and renters who love to host outdoor BBQs and parties, if your patio furniture is stored properly, your furniture will last longer. Let’s be honest here, who is going to be lounging around on their outdoor furniture surrounded by a foot of snow anyway?! When storing your outdoor furniture and cushions, try these tips:

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Before Storage

Before you can store your outdoor items, it’s important to thoroughly clean them. When it comes to cleaning outdoor furniture, the method of cleaning will vary depending on the type of furniture. Always check the manufacturer-approved instructions before cleaning your furniture to ensure you are providing the best care to your items.

  • Plastic Furniture: Plastic furniture is very easy to care for. In order to clean plastic furniture, simply use soap and water. If the plastic furniture is stained, clean it with baking soda on a sponge.
  • Metal Furniture: Clean metal furniture by spraying it off with a hose. Once the furniture has dried, apply a protective automotive wax to prevent rust from forming. If you see any scratches or marks on the furniture that needs to be covered, apply a fresh coat of automotive paint in a matching color.
  • Glass Furniture: When cleaning glass furniture, use dish detergent and water to wipe away any stuck-on debris. Clean the table glass using a glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. If you notice any small chips in the glass, use a glass-repair kit from an automotive retailer to fix them.
  • Wood and Wicker Furniture: Use a commercial wood cleaner to clean wooden or wicker furniture. If your wooden furniture needs extra care, sand it down and apply a coat of protective finish.

Tips for Cleaning Outdoor Cushions Before Storage

Just like with storing outdoor furniture, cushions also require thorough cleaning before storage. Any leftover food, outside debris or residue, can result in the formation of mold and mildew. Before cleaning your outside furniture cushions, check the manufacturer-approved instructions.

  • Hand Wash: It’s often required for outdoor cushions to be hand washed. If the cushion covers are attached to the cushion, mix together a solution of clear liquid detergent and sponge wash the cushions.
  • Machine Wash: If your furniture cushions have removable covers, you may be able to machine wash them. If the label allows it, use bleach to kill any bacteria that may be present.

Tips for Storing Outdoor Furniture and Furniture Cushions

  • Store it Indoors: The best place to store your outdoor furniture and furniture cushions during the winter is indoors. Over time, the harsh elements and fluctuations in temperature can damage and age the furniture. If you don’t have space in your garage or basement to store your outdoor furniture, consider a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Keep it Covered: Always keep your outdoor furniture covered while in storage. An old sheet or another kind of breathable material can be used to protect your furniture from dust settling on it.

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