6 Tips for Packing a Moving Truck

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Loading a moving truck on moving dayAre you doing a DIY move? A DIY move is a smart way to cut down on some of the expenses of moving. With a DIY move, you are still responsible for renting your own moving truck to transport your items to your new home. If you haven’t done a large move before, it may feel intimidating to do it without professional help– that’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of a few helpful tips for loading a moving truck. Check them out below!

How to Load a Moving Truck

  1. Pick out the correct moving truck size: It is essential to choose a moving truck size that will work for the items you are moving. Choosing too small of a truck will be inconvenient because it forces you to make multiple trips. Getting a truck that is too big will not only be a waste of money, but it can also result in your items shifting while being transported and becoming damaged. For help choosing the ideal moving truck size for you, contact the company you’re renting from or check online for a size guide.
  2. Plan ahead with moving supplies: When renting the moving truck, also ask about renting a dolly, furniture pads, moving straps and any other supplies you may need.
  3. Disassemble furniture pieces: Take apart your bed frame, dining room table, chairs, and any other furniture pieces. Disassembling furniture before you move it will not only make it lighter and easier to move, it will also prevent unneeded strain from being placed on the furniture items.
  4. Load heaviest items first: Place all appliances, dressers, box springs, mattresses, and couches into the moving truck first. When loading the truck, place the heaviest items like the washer, dryer, and refrigerator at the front of the truck. Secure the items into place using moving straps.
  5. Balance out large items: If you placed the mattress along the left side of the truck, place the box springs on the right side. Balancing out the items in the truck will help to create a much smoother ride.
  6. Add lighter items last: Moving boxes, clothes, bedding, and other various items should be adding into the truck last. These items can be placed neatly wherever you have room surrounding the larger items.

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