How To Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

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Clothes in Storage Containers| How to store clothes

In the moving and relocation process, we have a million things running through our minds. Questions like, “What moving company should I hire?”, “When is our official move-in date?”, or “Where do I store my belongings during the moving process?”. Most of the time we do not think about how to store clothes.

In this guide, we will walk you through the 6-step checklist on how to store your clothing in a storage unit.

How To Store Clothes For Storage

  1. Wash, dry, and iron all of your clothing before packing
  2. Use a plastic container with clip-on lids to seal your clothing
  3. Fold your clothing properly before placing into the plastic containers
  4. Use Cedar balls to prevent mothballs, mildew, and musty odors from building up in your containers.
  5. Contact a storage specialist to find out what storage unit that will work best to fulfill your needs.
  6. Place your containers in the storage unit and come back and check on your items periodically.

Step 1: Wash, Dry, & Iron All Clothing
Clothing | How to store clothes

The first step to storing your clothes is to wash, completely dry, and iron all of your clothes. This will ensure your items stay fresh for a longer period of time. If you don’t wash your clothes before storing them, stains or marks on your clothing will build up causing odor build-up. This could cause a problem for all of the clothes in your storage container.

Plus, starting out by washing your clothing provides you with a great time to do some sorting. You can become a closet organizer for the day and it will help you decide what clothes you plan on continuing to wear and what items you should donate. This space-saving technique is a great way to reduce the items you will end up keeping in storage.

Step 2: Find Plastic Containers With Clip-on Lids

Storage containers with Lids | How to Store Clothes

Plastic containers are hands-down the best option for storage for clothes. These work better than plastic bags or storage bags. They will protect your clothing for moisture, mold, and mildew. We also recommend that you wash your plastic containers thoroughly before storing your clothing to prevent any trapped moisture from previously stored items.

You can find plastic containers at your local Target or Walmart, they also provide for great storage solutions for bedroom storage, baby clothes, and mementos.

Step 3: Fold Your Clothing Properly Before Packing

Most people don’t even think about folding their clothing correctly before storing them in a storage unit. They decide to throw everything in the storage container last minute and let it sit there for months. DON’T DO THIS. If you don’t properly fold your clothing to wrinkle and settle. If a shirt or pants remains wrinkled for a long period of time, it will become very hard to get the wrinkles out and your clothing will have a shorter shelf life.

Here is a great video on how to properly fold your clothes and maximize your storage space:

Step 4: Use Cedar Balls to Prevent Odors

Cedar balls are the best way to preserve your clothing naturally and avoid musty odor build-up. They also work well for long-term storage, which will keep your clothes smelling fresh during the entire duration of time.

Cedar Balls | How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

Cedar balls are also great to place in your seasonal clothing like Halloween costumes and holiday decorations and will eliminate their musty odors. They are pretty inexpensive as well, you can buy a pack of 40 cedar balls for less than $8 on Amazon. 

Step 5: Contact a Storage Specialist

Storage Specialist | How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

After storing your clothes in plastic containers, it is time to contact a storage expert. Beyond Self Storage has professional on-site specialists that will help you find the correct storage unit for you. All of your storage facility locations are 100% climate-controlled which will ensure your clothes and other storage items stay protected.

Step 6: Check On Your Storage Unit Periodically

Make sure you come to visit our storage facility periodically to ensure your clothing is staying fresh. We recommend that you visit the facility at least once a month to make sure you can take the proper measures to avoid your clothes becoming ruined.

Share this easy 6-step checklist with your family and friends and provide them with information to make them an expert on how to store clothes in a storage unit.

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