How To Winterize Your Lawn Mower

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How To Winterize Your Lawn Mower | Beyond Self Storage

The temperatures are cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s football season. You may not want to believe it, but winter is approaching. It’s time to start spending less time mowing your lawn, and more time on the couch watching football on the weekends. Here are 6 easy tips on how to winterize your lawnmower. 

How To Winterize Your Lawn Mower

  1. Drain Your Gas Tank, Or Add Fuel Stabilizer
  2. Remove the Battery
  3. Remove and Replace Spark Plugs
  4. Change The Oil, If Needed
  5. Wash and Clean the Mower Deck
  6. Find A Place To Store Your Lawn Equipment

Drain Your Gas Tank, Or Add Fuel Stabilizer

The first step is you must decide whether to empty your gas tank or add a fuel stabilizer. This is the most important step to follow, make sure you do this before every winter season. If you dont, it can cause permanent damage to your mower.

How To Drain Your Gas Tank:

Drain all fuel from the engine and completely empty the tank. Any fuel leftover can break down, which can cause corrosion to the inner metal parts of your mower.

How To Add Fuel Stabilizer:

If you choose to leave gas in your engine, make sure you add a fuel stabilizer. Run the mower for a few minutes to make sure the fuel stabilizer is well distributed within the engine.

Remove the Battery 

Next, you need to remove your battery and clean it properly. It is important that you store it away in a cool dry location away from flammable objects. 

Remove the Spark Plugs

After, inspect and remove the spark plugs. Make sure you check for signs of corrosion and replace any, if necessary.

Change the Oil

Now, it’s time to change your oil. We recommend that you change the oil at the end of each season. Reference your lawn mower’s manual for any special instruction for your model. 

Wash and Clean The Mower Deck

Thoroughly wash and clean your mower deck. Bring the garden hose out and spray any grass clippings that remain stuck under the deck. If the grass clippings are dry, we recommend using a wire brush to remove any excess. It’s always the best practice to do this after each time you mow your lawn, but if you cant make sure you do this before the end of each mowing season.

Store Your Lawn Equipment with Beyond

Finally, find a place to store your lawnmower for the winter. If you dont have storage sheds or any place for outdoor storage, consider storing your lawn equipment at one of our premier storage facilities. We recommend a 5×10 storage unit as the perfect size for storing lawn and gardening equipment. We currently have 15 locations nationwide in Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois!

Follow these lawn mower storage tips to help you prepare for winter. Do you have any lawn mower storage tips? Let us know your best tips and tricks below!

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