Storing Christmas Decorations: How to Store Ornaments, Wreaths and Trees

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A Christmas tree is a homeAs quickly as the holiday season comes, it flies by. If one of your goals for the New Year is to have a more organized home, the first step is to get all of the holiday decorations out of your home. In order to protect your holiday decorations for next year, it is important to store them properly. If you are looking to get your holiday decorations out of your home and safely into storage, check out these tips!

Tips for Storing Ornaments

Throughout the year leading up to the holiday season, collect egg cartons to use to store smaller Christmas ornaments. Any other large, plastic ornaments can be carefully placed into plastic storage containers. Place wadded up paper, or leftover tissue paper from your already opened gifts, inside of the plastic container to help to pad the ornaments.

Wreath Storage Ideas

In order to avoid costly damage to your holiday wreaths, it is important to store them correctly. Smaller wreaths can be stored inside of hat boxes. Any larger wreaths can be hung in the back of your closet. Before hanging the wreaths, secure the wreath to the hanger using twist ties. In order to prevent dust or dirt from settling on the wreath, cover it with plastic. If you do not have a dry cleaner bag, cut a hole in a garbage bag and slip it over the hanger.

3 Christmas Tree Storage Steps

Step 1: Disassemble the tree
Your Christmas tree can likely be broken into three pieces plus the stand. Pull apart the pieces of the Christmas tree and lay them on the floor. When taking your tree apart, don’t tug on the light strands too hard because this can cause the strands to short circuit. Once the tree is apart, carefully fold it up.

Step 2: Wrap up the tree
Even if you are planning on storing your Christmas tree in the box, it is still important for you to wrap it up. When wrapping a Christmas tree, use an artificial tree cover or a light cloth. Once the tree is wrapped up, place it back into the box.

Step 3: Lay the tree horizontally in storage
As a precautionary step, never place the tree vertically in storage. It is possible for the tree to fall over while it is in storage, which can damage the tree or bend the branches. Just to be safe, always lay your tree horizontally in storage.

Rent a Storage Unit for Seasonal Storage

If you are really looking to declutter your home, consider a climate-controlled storage unit rental to store your holiday items. A storage unit will not only free up and keep out-of-season items from cluttering your home, but it will also help to protect your more fragile decorations. A climate-controlled storage unit will maintain a steady temperature that is perfect for storing items that are more sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.

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