Long Term Storage Tips from the Experts

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A young man taping down a packed boxClutter. Junk. Collectibles. Whatever you call it, many people reach the point in their life when they realize they have too much “stuff”. From furniture, clothes, antiques, keepsakes, and everything in between, the extra items in your home can weigh you down. Whether you’re looking to remodel, move, declutter or simply free up some space, long term storage is a convenient option more and more people are turning to.

Before you can store your items, it is important to prep your items to be stored for a year or longer. Check out these long-term storage tips below!

Long Term Storage Starts with Organization

It’s no surprise that the first tip for setting yourself up for long term storage success is to get organized. Easier said than done, right? Gather everything you’re looking to store and put it in one central location in your home. This will help you sort your belongings with the added bonus of getting a real feel for the space you’ll be freeing up.

Once you have all your belongings in the same location, take a second pass through all the items. Look for any items that were placed into the pile by mistake or are prohibited from being stored in a storage unit. Once you’ve reached a final decision, take the time to create an accurate list of everything you intend to store. File this list away in a safe place for later. Creating an itemized list will also help you to find items easier in the future.

Keep It Clean

Before you can store your items, it is important to make sure that they are all clean and dry. Any leftover dirt, food or moisture can damage your items in a storage unit.

Find a few key tips for cleaning your items before storage below:

  • If you’re storing any furniture, ensure it is vacuumed thoroughly and any wet spots are allowed to dry completely.
  • Use protective sprays for leather, finished wood, and some fabric surfaces.
  • Appliances, especially refrigerators, need to be disinfected with a bleach solution.
  • Dust off your items before you start packing them up.

Packing Essentials for Long Term Storage

Now that everything is clean, it’s time to start packing. When packing up your items, don’t just throw them into a box.

Here’s a list of long term storage packing tips to set you up for success:

    • Purchase new packing boxes for storage. New boxes are sturdier and offer your items better protection.
    • Clothes and fabrics should be in vacuum-sealed bags.
    • Furniture needs to be covered in white sheets.
    • Use plastic wrap with caution, it can actually trap moisture inside your items.
    • Fragile items get bubble wrapped first then placed in a box.

Once everything is packed, you’ll save yourself from future headaches by accurately labeling all of your packed items.

Find the Long Term Storage Right for You

Once that everything is packed, you just have to determine which long term storage unit is right for you. We have storage facilities near you in several cities across the country that your items can call home for the next year or longer. Our storage unit size guide can also take away the frustration of choosing the best self-storage solution for your needs. Reserve a storage unit for storing long-term today!

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