The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Vehicle Storage Parking Spot or Unit Today

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A recreational vehicle in the winterIf you own a vehicle you do not use every day, you are likely looking for storage options for your vehicle. Maybe you’re a small business owner with 4 rotating vehicles used for sales or deliveries. Or, maybe you’re a homeowner with a boat, RV or extra vehicle that does not fit in your garage. Whatever the case may be, finding a location to park extra vehicles when they are not in use can be difficult.

If you’re in the Midwest, Beyond Self Storage has vehicle storage options at select storage facilities. For someone that has never stored their car, boat or RV outside of their home before, using a vehicle storage unit may sound intimidating. But we’re here to help! Learn the benefits of using a car, boat or RV storage space below!

Why Store Your Car, Boat or RV at a Vehicle Storage Facility

  • Meets homeowner’s association requirements: It isn’t uncommon for homeowner’s associations to prohibit storing extra or recreational vehicles in your driveway, front or back yard. Unfortunately, for a large RV or boat owner, this means that looking for another storage option is inevitable.
  • More secure than storing at your home: When you store your boat, RV or extra vehicle at a storage facility, it will have more protection than if just stored at your home. Our storage facilities use a 24/7 camera monitoring system. Additionally, our uncovered vehicle storage units are fenced-in and accessible by coded entry systems.
  • Long-term storage rental available: Even if your homeowner’s association does allow you to keep your vehicle long-term outside of your home, you may grow tired of seeing it there. If you have a boat or RV, you more than likely are not using your vehicle during the winter. A vehicle rental space allows you to keep the exterior of your house from looking too cluttered by storing unused vehicles in a secure location. Even if you only plan on storing your vehicle during the off-season, our long-term vehicle storage option allows you to be flexible with your move out date.
  • Ease and convenience: Another reason many people choose to store their extra vehicles and work vehicles at a storage facility is due to the convenience of the location.
  • Low vehicle storage rates: Our outdoor parking options are uncovered. Outdoor parking is the most affordable vehicle storage option making it a smart solution for most renters. For additional questions or more information regarding our vehicle storage rates, contact one of our vehicle storage facilities.

Are You Looking for a Car, Boar or RV Storage Unit Near You?

We are proud to offer safe and secure outdoor car, boat and RV storage units to our renters. Beyond Self Storage has vehicle storage units located in Lenexa, KS, and Chesterfield, MO! Whether you’re simply looking to store your boat during the winter, or for year-round business vehicle storage, we have a storage unit for you.

Reserve your storage vehicle storage unit at our Lenexa, KS or Chesterfield, MO location today!

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