6 Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

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Are you thinking about hosting a garage sale this summer? A garage sale is a great way to get rid of unneeded items and make some extra cash, but it’s also a lot of work, and after all of your efforts, you want to feel like the sale was worth it.
Looking for some tips on having a successful garage sale? We’re here to help! Start off on the right foot by following these simple garage sale tips and tricks!

Garage Sale Tips for a Successful Event

  • Check permits: Before hosting a garage sale, it is important to check with your town hall to see if you need a permit. Hosting a garage sale without a permit can lead to your event getting shut down and you receive a high fine.
  • Schedule your sale strategically: Consider hosting your garage sale on a Friday afternoon and continuing all day Saturday and Sunday. Hosting a garage sale these days will take advantage of the times when most people are free and will capitalize on the weekend street traffic. Plan on rising early, however. Most seasoned sale shoppers want to arrive early to get the first pick of your goodies.
  • Team up with neighbors: Talk to your neighbors and see if they’d be interested in hosting a garage sale during the same weekend you are. This will entice more people to visit your sale because they will see it as a bigger event with more diverse goods for sale.
  • Advertise: This step can’t be overstated! During the two weeks leading up to your garage sale, advertise your event with signs around your neighborhood and by posting on social media. Advertising properly will help to get the word out about your event and attract more buyers to your sale.
  • Price fairly: It is important to not overprice your items. When people visit a garage sale, they are looking for a deal. If they feel your items are priced high or unfairly, they may be deterred from looking around and be less likely to bargain. Pricing your items fairly is especially important if the main goal of your sale is to get rid of as many items as you can. Remember, you can’t dictate what others will determine the worth of your items to be, so be prepared to give in a little. If no one is willing to pay what you’re asking and you can’t bear to take less than what they offer, consider storing it until you’re ready to let go.
  • Have change ready: Before your sale, stop at the bank and get some change. This will help your garage sale to go much smoother and will prevent there from being a payment issue.

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