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Have you ever considered a tiny house? If not, they may provide the solution to your financial stress and are adaptable to many different demographics.

For seniors, they are a great downsizing option and provide easy accessibility options. If you are a first-time home buyer, a tiny house might be a perfect option to save money while giving you the freedom to traveling the world. The opportunities are endless when you adopt the tiny home lifestyle and there is data to back it up.

According to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders, “53% of Adults would consider living in a house smaller than 600 square feet, millennial interest was 63% (NAHB)”. This information suggests that housing in the near future will decrease in square footage on average.

NAHB Graphic

Source: NAHB Economics & Housing Policy Group

Millennials Fueling the Trend

The tiny house movement is fueled by Millennials. These largely due to traditional homes continuing to increase in price. The average price for a house in the U.S. in 2019 is $226,800 – a 5% increase from 2018.

Currently, the median house price in Pennsylvania is $173,100 which is a 3.3% increase from 2018. Zillow also indicates that the housing market temperature in Pennsylvania is “Very Hot” (Zillow).

According to an article from Forbes, 74% of Americans value experiences over possessions and millennials are proving to be no exception. Many product-based brands, such as Nike, Coca Cola, and Lincoln, have long focused their advertising on the EXPERIENCE their product provides, not necessarily on the benefits or substance of the product itself.

It is also noted that “65% of millennials are saving money for traveling, which is more than any other generation.” (Forbes) Traveling and commercial-worthy experiences come at a cost, however, and people are inventing new ways to optimize their housing situations.

DIY Network leading the Charge

As brought to the forefront of our culture by the DIY Network, there is a wave of homebuyers transitioning and downsizing to smaller “Tiny Homes” to save money and enhance their life experiences.

In the development of a tiny house, it is all about finding the most efficient way to store YOUR stuff in a small space. All models include innovative storage ideas like shelving units. Check these out:

Stairs storage idea Homixover

Homixover TV Storage Concept


These are are just a few storage options to consider when optimizing a smaller size home.So, would you consider living in a tiny home? Hold tight on that answer until you witness some of the luxurious tiny homes being built in Pennsylvania include.

Valley Forge Tiny Home- Utopian Villas

Valley Forge tiny house

(Source// Utopian Villas)

The Valley Forge Tiny Home in PA is a 400 square foot luxury home that is designed for families. This home is top of the line and features a large porch space, built-in grilling stations, and optional extended deck and pool options. This home starts at only $94,589

 The Rumspringa –  Liberation Tiny Homes

The Rumspringa Tiny House picture 2

The Rumspringa Tiny Home picture 3

The Rumspringa Tiny House picture 2

(Source/ Liberation Tiny Homes)

The Rumspringa is a 289 square foot mobile home with beautiful wood featured throughout the home. This home is designed by Liberation Tiny Homes in Leola, Pennsylvania. The company is known for making beautiful and affordable homes for homebuyers in PA. The Rumspringa pricing starts around $45,000

The Farmhouse – Liberation Tiny Homes

Farmhouse Tiny House picture 1

The Farmhouse Tiny House picture 2

(Source//Liberation Tiny Homes)

The farmhouse is a 289 square foot home that has a modern barn look with a gable-style roof. It also boasts an airy loft option (pictured above).

The home features everything you would look for in a living space and provides many unique storage shelve options so you can utilize your space. Farmhouse tiny home is a model by Liberation Tiny Homes and pricing starts at $65,000.

Tiny Estates

Not ready to downsize THAT much? For those feeling uncertain about making the big jump, a new company called  Tiny Estates is the AirBnB for tiny homes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Tiny Estates is the largest community of tiny homes and is located in Lancaster. For those with commitment issues, they allow customers to choose the small home they desire and select how long their stay will be.

On the Tiny Estates website, users are first given the option to select the date range of your stay. From there you are presented with many options of tiny houses in an AirBnb style booking system.

While navigating through the website to select your tiny house, you may find Kevin Hart in a few of the housing photos. created a Kevin Hart themed tiny home in the Tiny Estates community for $175 dollars a night, check it out.

The Tiny House Lifestyle

Living in a tiny house provides a simplistic, minimalist lifestyle to its homeowners. According to CityLab, people who live in tiny homes also adopt greener lifestyles.

In a recent study, those who downsized to a tiny home reduced their eco-footprint by nearly 45% in a year (CityLab). So if you are in favor of saving the planet, join the tiny living movement!

Tiny homes also allow homeowners to have more control over their lives. An article by The Wayward Home describes the transition of the stressed couple from a 2200 square foot house to a tiny home. The couple goes into detail about how the transition changed their lives..for the better.

To learn more about how this couple decided the make the big jump to a Tiny Home, read the rest of the article How Going Tiny Changed One Family’s Life For Good.

Beyond Self Storage

If you plan on downsizing and are in need of storage space, Beyond Self Storage is here to help!

Beyond Self Storage Mt. Lebanon

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Beyond Self Storage will exceed your expectations with the conveniently located storage solutions. We are opening another location soon in Philadelphia on Roosevelt. We would love to help you with the transition into your tiny house!

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