Kitchen Organization Hacks for a More Organized Home

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An organized kitchen counterYour kitchen is the scene of after school snacks, family dinners and holiday parties. With an area getting so much use, it’s no wonder it gets disorganized and dirty so quickly! Are you looking to get your kitchen organized once and for all? We’re here to help! Try out these tips below.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Kitchen Organization

  • Pull everything out: While this step may be time consuming, it is still necessary. Go through every drawer, cupboard and pantry and pull out all of the items you find.
  • Determine what stays and what goes: Next, sort through all of your kitchen items to determine what you want to hold onto and what you can get rid of. Any items that are missing a piece or is damaged in some way should be put in your trash pile. If you have duplicate blenders, can openers or kitchen utensils, consider donating or selling these items. Any items you want to hold onto should be placed in a separate pile to go back into your kitchen.
  • Organize by what is commonly used: Do you often use the cookie trays, glass bowls and decorative utensils? Keep these items in an area that is easy for you to get to.
  • Invest in organizational tools: Take some time to think about your kitchen organization pain spots. Do you often find yourself digging through your drawers looking for the lids to your Tupperware? Does it feel impossible to keep your cookbooks organized? Invest in tools and products that will help to keep your pain points from getting too out of control.
  • Organize by zones: In order to make it as easy as possible to find the items you need, organize the kitchen into zones. For example, keep all baking supplies together in one area and all cleaning supplies in another section.
  • Use undershelf organizers: If it feels impossible to fit everything into your drawers and cupboards, consider using an undershelf organizer. An undershelf organizer will prevent smaller items from taking up valuable space in your drawers and cupboards.

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