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How to Store a Bicycle for Winter

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A man degreases his bike

Although we might not want to admit it, the colder weather will be here before we know it. Once the weather gets cooler, we do not use the same items we got to enjoy in the summer. One item in particular that requires winter storage is a bicycle. Are you looking for tips for storing […]

Winterize Your Boat in 4 Easy Steps

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Winterizing Your Boat -Beyond Self Storage

Hot summer days out on the lake are where some of the best memories are made. Waking up at the crack of dawn to get out to the best fishing spot in the area or packing the cooler full of beer and drinks to prepare for a long day of tubing, jet skis, and relaxation. […]

How to Plan for a Remodeling Project

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remodel picture

A remodeling project can be a very stressful situation, both mentally and financially. It can make you question your decision-making, the capabilities of your spouse, and your financial freedom. It can also leave you in a constant state of buyer’s remorse, wondering why in the world you even started in the first place? No need […]

3 Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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A woman is writing her New Year’s resolutions on a clipboard

It’s that time of year again: The New Year is a signal of change and practice of making New Year’s resolutions takes over. This time of year is filled with optimism for new beginnings. But, according to Business Insider, about 80% of people drop their resolutions by February. There’s no question that change is difficult, […]

A man packs a storage box

When first-time storage unit renters walk through our doors, they generally come in with a variety of questions. We understand! Just like when doing anything for the first time, renting a storage unit for the first time can seem intimidating. In order to help make our renters feel more comfortable, we decided to answer a […]

How to Move a TV into a Self Storage Unit

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A young couple moves a TV

Television is a staple in every household. It’s how you get your news in the morning, and how you can binge-watch your favorite shows. Although your TV may currently take a prominent spot in your living room, it might not stay there forever. If you’re moving soon or have recently upgraded electronics, you may be […]

How to Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture

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A woman applies a protective wax to a chair before storage

As the weather gets colder, it’s important to start thinking about storing outdoor items enjoyed during the summer. In particular, it’s time to store your patio and outdoor furniture for the winter season. While this can be a sad time for homeowners and renters who love to host outdoor BBQs and parties, if your patio […]

Hand and Power Tool Storage Ideas and Tips

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A homeowner using a power tool before following power tool storage tips

As a homeowner, you likely have a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal. Most of us have a drill for hanging curtains and shelves, maybe a saw from a past DIY wooden project, and more screwdrivers and hammers than you know what to do with! While you know you have all of these tools…somewhere… […]