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Tips for Moving a Washer and Dryer into Storage

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A mover uses a dolly to move a washer from a house to a storage unit

Moving large appliances is no easy task. If you are moving soon or have recently upgraded appliances, you may be looking to move your washer and dryer. Protect your washer and dryer during the move by following these tips! Moving a Washer and Dryer Run a Clean Rinse Through the Washing Machine: Before you can […]

How to Store a Mattress and Box Spring

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Lifting a mattress off of a bed to place into a storage unit.

The average person keeps their mattress for at least 10 years. Since we spend so much time sleeping on our mattresses, and mattresses are often an expensive home purchase, it’s easy to understand how important it is to keep your mattress in good condition. Unfortunately, a mattress has a higher chance of becoming damaged when […]