How to Store a Bicycle for Winter

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Although we might not want to admit it, the colder weather will be here before we know it. Once the weather gets cooler, we do not use the same items we got to enjoy in the summer. One item in particular that requires winter storage is a bicycle. Are you looking for tips for storing your bike for winter? Read below!

5 Bike Storage Tips

  • Clean the bicycle-
    In order to clean the bike frame, first, use a brush to knock any visible dirt or grime off of your bike. Next, use a sponge and water to wipe down your bike. To clean the chains, wipe down the chain, cassette and chainrings with a degreaser.
  • Address any damage- Now that your bicycle has been cleaned, look it over for any signs of wear and tear from the riding season. If you notice any structural, wheel or other damage, address it immediately. If you are unsure how to fix your bicycle, take it to a bike mechanic.
  • Keep your bike covered in storage- It is not good for your bike to be left uncovered during storage. Over time, dust will settle on your bike which can actually damage the moving parts of the bicycle.
  • Determine how you will be storing your bike-
    • Bike storage hooks: This method is very convenient because it allows you to store your bicycles out of the way which mitigates the chance of damage occurring to your bicycle. To use bike storage hooks, hang the hooks from the ceiling and hook your bicycle.
    • Bike storage stand: A bicycle storage stand will go on the floor and elevate your bicycle off of the ground. There are many different bicycles stand options out there, choose one that works best for you and your home.
    • Standing on its wheels: Another option for storing your bicycle is to simply stand it on its wheels all winter long. Before storing your bicycle standing up all winter long, inflate the tires to reduce the chance of flat spots forming. Periodically throughout the winter, rotate the tires on the bike to prevent the weight from resting on one spot all winter long.
    • Determine where your bike will be stored: Now that you know how you’re storing your bicycle, it is important to determine where you’re storing it. if you are unable to store your bicycle indoors using storage hoods, a stand or just standing it on its wheels, consider renting a storage unit. Storing your bicycle long-term in a garage, attic or basement is not good for your bike and can actually cause permanent damage. A climate-controlled storage unit will protect your bicycle from dangerous fluctuations in temperature.

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